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Kuva MLL/Matti Matikainen

Welcome to the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare


Every child is entitled to a good and happy childhood. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare works to make this possible together with many other organizations, both public and private.

The Mannerheim League is an NGO and membership is open to everyone. It promotes the wellbeing of children and of families with children, increases respect for childhood and seeks to make it more visible, and sees that children's views are taken into account in public decision-making.

The Mannerheim League is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. It has about 90 000 members and 555 local associations throughout the country. The work of these local associations is supported by the League's 10 district organizations.

The Mannerheim League relies on partnerships. It works with numerous organizations, businesses and networks in Finland and abroad. The League's Central Office in Helsinki cooperates closely with ministries, officials and other organizations while the district organizations and local associations operate on the regional level.



MLL Kuopion yhdistys - Local association in Kuopio


The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) Kuopio association is one of the local associations of a total of 555. In Kuopio our operations include music play school (9-10 groups), family cafe, father and child club and different kind of events and trips. Our goal is to influence the well-being of families e.g. by organizing activities and peer groups and meeting places for parents and children, as well as offering affordable recreational opportunities for families.

Most of our activities are organized in Finnish but you are welcome to participate even if you don't speak Finnish. We are also open for new ideas and volunteers for activities targeted for the immigrants of our region.

Welcome to join us as a member or a volunteer! Members and volunteers help, support and enable our association's work for the families with children in Kuopio.


Family Cafe

MLL Family Café is an open meeting place for families with children, which has voluntary co-operative and peer activities, sharing their everyday life stories with others in a similar situation and getting parenting support. Here parents get to meet each other and share their experiences. At the same time children have friends to play with.

Family cafe in city centre in Apaja shopping center is open on Tuesdays from 9.30 to 12.00 from August to May.